Jaimee Hills

Good Women

Good women go to the Shake Shack
buy themselves a concrete, kick back
with other women and a spoon,
evangelizing anyone
in the nearby outskirts and haunts
they too must go to the Shake Shack
buy themselves a concrete, kick back
enlightenment in a large cup
of frozen custard mixed with stuff—
blondies and salted caramels
doughnuts, jelly and nonpareils.
When a good woman hears brilliance
she will grasp the message's aim,
good and true, exult and proclaim,
"Good women!"


the persistent repetition of a thought
in those with Huntington's disease

Time is cyclical. Again, the lilacs
bloom in a coiled path, a garden fixture
twirled like a winding staircase, like a helix,
a turret snail shell, springs in the hydraulics.
You're riveted to the idea in nature:
time is cyclical. Again, the lilacs
shiver in your mind—a clock that clicks
into its lock, a self-effacing creature.
Twirled like a winding staircase, like a helix,
your DNA repeats repeats. It frolics
as the mind, unraveling, rewrites its scripture.
Time is cyclical. Again, the lilacs
come back, incessant petals, whorl of calyx.
You live in stoic discord with the future.
Twirled like a winding staircase, like a helix
you dance and the hem of your wild skirt rollicks,
circling widdershins, its silken texture.
Time is cyclical. Again, the lilacs
twirl like a wind. Again. Again. Again.


Jaimee Hills is the author of How to Avoid Speaking, which won the Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize from Waywiser press. Her work has been featured in Verse Daily, Best New Poets, Blackbird and elsewhere. She teaches at Marquette University and lives and writes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More of her work can be found at www.jaimeehills.com.


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Sacred Sisters is a collaboration between visual artist Holly Trostle Brigham and award-winning poet Marilyn Nelson, touching on such issues as gender and creativity, connections between the visual and literary arts, and religion and history. Brigham met Nelson at the all-girls prep school, the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in the Fall of 2012. Nelson was visiting the school as part of the Baldwin Write Now program and Brigham was a parent who co-founded the program and was her liaison for the day. They had the opportunity to visit and when Nelson asked about Brigham's work it started a conversation about nuns who were artists and writers. Brigham had already completed three paintings in her Seven Sisters II Series, later renamed Sacred Sisters.

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