Sarah Busse

Garden Center Madrigal

Arrived at the garden center in May
I can't get enough, filling our cart
with columbine, with bleeding heart,

flowers that arc toward earth, foliage
that trembles in any Maytime breeze.
Don't ask me why I favor these,

and every nodding, secret sweet.
Don't ask me why today I woke,
a body soft as a bowl of milk,

invited you in, and brimmed up full.
Snowdrop, winecup, violet,
my coral bell, frilled aconite.

After the Last Residency

After a packed two weeks, how the brain
unstacks itself. I've stuffed my notes away,
paid fifteen dollars to put them on a plane

clear out of sight. My mind will take a day
or three to tumble out. Let airplanes rise
and rise. Forget the rondeau redouble,

the verbal dance of feet, the witty eyebrows.
Let iambs dribble out from strict pantoums.
Let go all swollen villanelles, villinas.

We laughed through a kaleidoscope of rooms.
Last night we drank manhattans and gin sours
then bit the maraschinos, bit the stems.

Today I pay: bad food and plastic chairs,
exhausted skies, this sleepy airport limbo,
as forms drift through my head. Including yours.


Sarah Busse co-edits the poetry magazine Verse Wisconsin and has authored two chapbooks, Quiver (Red Dragonfly, 2009) and Given These Magics (Finishing Line, 2010), with a third, Gauguin in California, forthcoming from Desperado Press. Given These Magics received the 2011 WFOP Chapbook Award. Her work has been published widely in online and print journals, and her poem "Silhouettes" was awarded a Pushcart Prize, and will appear in the Pushcart anthology in 2012. She is a contributing scholar to the Women Poets Timeline Project. Earlier work in Mezzo Cammin: 2008.2.


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Fifth-Anniversary MC Reading
West Chester University Poetry Conference
Friday, June 10
8:15 AM
Alice Mizrachi: Growing up in New York, I have been immersed in a culture that is constantly growing. Throughout my work you can feel the influence the city has had on me, the never-ending desire to grow and flow. One common thread in my work is the texture--rhythm and layers. I love to incorporate tactile surfaces that compel the audience to approach and feel it. Timeless and universal, my images evoke a raw feminine energy that leaves you feeling nurtured. My art is a vehicle to express to the world my journey as a NYC female artist in the past, present and future. I am logging my time here. After completing a residency in Paris during 2010, I am focusing on residencies in other cities with the intention of spreading my art globally.
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